KFSU is very serious about sustainable development as an opportunity for the environment, economy and society.

By developing new products and technologies that value add to sugarcane crops, KFSU endeavours to achieve better returns for farming communities, and provide solutions for the environment. 

Health conscious

Obesity and overweight have reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Energy-dense diets and a sedentary lifestyle are recognised as major contributors.

To combat the rising epidemic, the World Health Organisation has identified a set of dietary recommendations; one of those is to increase consumption of complex carbohydrates such as fibres.

With spiraling childhood obesity rates of paramount concern, KFSU is planning for food manufacturers to use Fibrecel™ to improve the diet of our population.

Regional benefits

KFSU is a founding member of the Far North Queensland Ryukyu Friendship Association which is a world first sister region partnership which was brought about to facilitate political, cultural and business-to-business introductions between two like-minded regions.