Thank You for introducing me to Kfibre. For years I have had a serious problem with Diverticulitis (Bowel Problem), all the previous liquid, pills and Fibre medications, Prescribed for me have not had any effect to help this situation.

Kfibre seems to have a solution for my system, I have been taking it for several months, with Positive Results.

I had given up hope of finding any relief, and it seems with Kfibre I am on the Right Track.

Hopefully Kfibre will be available on the U.S. Market soon.


Sheila A. Munro Moss

I write on be half of a 92 year old relative who lives in Yarraman, Qld. Laswt year my wife and I visited her and she was not well at all, complaining of acid reflux, which has troubled her for many years, and any treatment she has been given has not been successful.

On our return from holidays my wife interviewed Mr. Gordon Edwards from KFSU on the local radio station Radio 97.1 Sweet FM Inc. - her GP had given her a sample of KFibre to use herself for bowel problems - she had used Movicol, Coloxyl with Senna, and had tried Psyllium Husk on breakfast cereal with limited help. KFibre proved to work well.

During the interview she asked Mr. Edwards if KFibre would be suitable for a 92 year old to use, and he agreed it would not harm her in any way.

We bought a packet of KFibre and posted it to Yarraman to Myrtle and it didn't take long for her to call us to tell us how much relief she had and would we send her 2 more packets. We did, and on arriving home from Townsville on Tuesday evening there was a message on the phone to please send her another two packets. She is thrilled that KFibre assists with the Acid Reflux problem, but also her general health is so much better and she is now able to have a good night's sleep. She will continue to use the KFibre and we are pleased to be able to help by sending the product to her.

Yours sincerely

Jim Scott


I started using your product KFibre (sugarcan fibre), about 6months ago, as a means to alleviate my acid reflux and I have found it to be very effective.

I have taken antacids and Nexium for the condition before, however I found the KFibre worked just as well, if not quite a bit faster, allowing me to feel comfortable quickly.

Thank you for such a good healthy product.

Your sincerely

Jean Mann


I have medically diagnosed GORD. I have had limited relief from prescribed medications and I have suffered from this condition for many years. Not only have the prescribed medications produced poor results, in NOvember 2012 I was advised by my GP to reduct my reliance of these medications.

After receiving advice from my GP to reduce reliance on my medications, it was recommended to me to try taking your product Kfibre for relief from my significant GORD related discomfort. I started mixing half a tablespoon of Kfibre in a small tub of yogurt and having it for breakfast. Within 2-3 days of commencing use of your product, my symptoms of GORD had reduced significantly. It is now six months later and I continue to use Kfibre as a preventaive strategy. On the odd occasion I do get some reflux, on your recommendation I put a teaspoon of Kfirbre in half a glass of water. Within 10 minutes of drinking the water, all sytmptoms are gone. I strongly endorse Kfibre for anyone suffering from GORD as it works and continues to work for me. After continuing use of Kfibre I no longer require prescription medication to manage my GORD.

I have also introduced Kfibre to my husband when on the odd occasion he suffers heartburn (usually after consuming chili or spicy food). He also mixes a teaspoon of Kfibre in half a glass of water. After drinking this water with Kfibre, he experiences almost instant relief.

Thank you for your wonderful product.

Yours sincerely,

Donna Wales

I have been on KFSU's Kfibre diet for 12 months and I'm overwhelmed by the results, not only have I lost weight but my general health has improved considerable.

I use to have bad Acid Reflux and this condition is now gone, my bowel movements are regular and my doctor tells me my blood test results are improving all the of the time.

All I can say is give it a go.

Bill Micola