A Versatile, Unique functional ingredient for Gluten Free products

Phytocel™ dramatically improves the taste of Gluten Free products 

The functional Ingredient with multiple benefits:
  • Binds and maintains water and oil in formulations
  • Water Management/control
  • Reduce moisture migration and loss
  • Reduce syneresis
Improves Texture
  • Moister, softer, better texture –even after sitting and throughout freeze/thaw
  • Baked product stability & Integrity
  • Extends shelf life
  • Cost savings – improved yield
Application and other benefits:
  • Replaces fat while maintaining/improving taste and mouthfeel
  • Partially replaces gums, binders, emulsifiers and preservatives
  • Adds fibre and nutrients
  • Reduces calories
  • Lowers GI
  • Clean label
  • No E numbers