A Versatile, Unique functional ingredient for Health Applications 

Unlike other fibres,  the  naturally occurring micro-nutrients in Phytocel™   enables products to  make health claims

Health Claims (dependent on inclusion rates)
  • Lowers the GI
  • Improves fibre claims
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • Aids Digestive health
  • Aids satiety
  • Other claims  (depending on product) such as weigh-loss
Phytocel Facts
  • Phytocel™  is sugarcane with the sugar extracted
  • Gluten Free
  • All natural   -  100% Chemical free  -   Not a sweetener
  • Allergen Free   -   Non GMO
  • Over 85% dietary fibre -     largely insoluble fibre
  • Retains phyto-nutrients due to natural processing

Advanced, patented processing technology maintains whole plant cell integrity, providing versatility, nutrients, functionality and other benefits without the negative aspects of other fibres and ingredients

Functional Ingredient with multiple benefits: Binds and maintains water and oil in formulations

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