A Versatile, Unique functional ingredient for Meat Processing

In all trials and blind consumer taste testings a Phytocel™ inclusion is the preferred choice

Phytocel Facts
  • Phytocel™  is sugarcane with the sugar extracted
  • Gluten Free
  • All natural   -  100% Chemical free  -   Not a sweetener
  • Allergen Free   -   Non GMO
  • Over 85% dietary fibre -     largely insoluble fibre
  • Retains phyto-nutrients due to natural processing

Advanced, patented processing technology maintains whole plant cell integrity, providing versatility, nutrients, functionality and other benefits without the negative aspects of other fibres and ingredients

Functional Ingredient with multiple benefits: Binds and maintains water and oil in formulations

Water Management/control
  • Retains more moisture than other fibres/fillers at cooked stage
  • Reduce moisture migration and loss at the chilled/freezer
  • Reduce syneresis, purge at defrost stage
Texture benefits

In all trials and blind consumer taste testings a Phytocel inclusion is the preferred choice

  • Juicier product, moister and juicer product longer, better texture even after sitting and throughout freeze/thaw
  • Cooking stability and integrity
  • Cost savings
Application and other benefits
  • Replaces fat while maintaining/improving taste and mouthfeel
  • Reduces gums, binders, emulsifiers and preservatives
  • Adds fibre and nutrients
  • Reduces calories
  • Clean label
  • No E numbers