August 2017

AB Mauri “Exclusive Distribution Partner” – US & Canada.

KFSU LTD has appointed AB Mauri North America as our Exclusive Distribution Partner for the United States and Canada.

AB Mauri – a global leader in baking technology, fermentation science and ingredient solutions – will service the Baking and Animal Nutrition markets with our industrial product, Phytocel™.

This partnership represents a true alignment into the major sectors currently being serviced with Phytocel and allows the wider baking manufacturer, distributor and retailer audience access to the product and superior technical support behind it.

To many, Phytocel serves as an introduction to a new ingredient allowing customers to manage water migration, batch yield, product volume and cost savings.  Additionally, it can be added to any recipe across mainstream and gluten-free baking, including breads, wraps, tortillas or even sweet goods. As a whole plant product, Phytocel allows users to optimize their labels by including a clean label ingredient.

Paul Scells

Director of Sales


July 2017

Major Australian Pet Food Customer

First of two shipments of Phytocel to an Australian Pet Food Company.

Health Claims into a dog kibble.

This company is 100% Australian owned and they manufacture 100% Australian made products. There distribution footprint is 1500+ stores nationwide. And currently supply products to international markets in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Philippines and Malaysia and Japan.

May 2017

GFSI Audit

KFSU has passed its audit for the GFSI. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an international program that began through the collaboration of leading manufacturers, retailers and food service organizations to drive safety throughout the food supply chain.

So, with 7 solid months of preparing, 2 days of being audited. How did we do? KFSU received a score of 99.

0-69 Fail

70-85 Complies

86-95 Good

96-100 Excellent

The Board of KFSU would like to acknowledge Susan Lucas, Stephen Grant, James Badger and Natasha Bowe for all their hard work. Fantastic work, thank you!

KFSU Board.


March 2017 Natural Products West

Paul Scells and Gordon Edwards had a booth at the Natural Products West 2017 trade show in Anaheim, California in March and then went on to visit with AB Mauri and customers/potential customers in the US. 

While at the show 3 customers trialled the product by the end of the show and ordered product after.

Due to the success of the 2017 trade show in Anaheim KFSU has booked a booth for March 2018

Paul Scells is currently in the US and is visiting customers who have finalised their trials and wish to discuss next steps as well as seeing AB Mauri.

Paul is also seeing health product wholesalers while he is there at their invitation.

The majority of KFSU customers in the US are bakery with a strong emphasis on Gluten free and Allergen free.


Official Statement regarding KFSUAsia

It has come to the attention of KFSU LTD Australia (KFSU) that a company trading as KFSUAsia has been misrepresenting itself  with regard to KFSU within  Japan.
KFSU has no relationship with KFSUAsia. Any statement or inference of such a relationship by KFSUAsia is incorrect and is in no way endorsed by KFSU. The use of KFSU’s business name, trademarks (e.g. PhytocelTM and KFibreTM) or any of its web content in promotional materials, investment documents or flyers etc… is unauthorised and as such illegal.
KFSU is a separate legal entity to KFSUAsia and accepts no responsibility for the actions of KFSUAsia or any person or company making representation as KFSUAsia.
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Naturally Good Expo-Sydney May 2016

Great interest was shown by the many potential customers who connected with us at this recent Expo. The Naturally Good Expo has dobled in size in 12 months and looks like being a key way for KFSU to create awareness about Phytocel.

Paul Scells and Gordon Edwards of KFSU talking to attendees at the Phytocel stand


US Market

“Bread and Gluten Free product manufacturers have been impressed with the trial information and a number are considering local trials, which could lead to sales”. Tom Derricks-Marigold

Great Trial Results

Recent Gluten free trials in the US by KFSU’s Distributor Marigold Inc have shown that the inclusion of Phytocel at <1% in Gluten free premixes gives cost saving as well as improvements in taste, texture and shelf life.

KFSU has secured a FIAL grant (Food Innovation Australia Limited) of $25,000 to perform a larger trial with Phytocel with the Qld Department of Primary Industries and an Australian Pre-mix company. This will be an expanded version of the US trials aimed at the Australian and Japanese markets.

The successful completion of these trials in late May will give KFSU LTD scientific evidence that not only can potential customers save in product costs (utilising Phytocel in Gluten free breads) but it gives their products a significant improvement in taste and texture as well as shelf life.

Costs less, tastes better with Phytocel- our customers will like the sound of that.

Meat Trials

Ongoing trials with technology suppliers and customers is confirming continuing success in productivity gains in beef patties as well as flavour texture and juiciness improvement with blind taste testing. 

Phytocel in Japan

KFSU’s distributor in Japan “Unitec” has two confirmed customers since they came on board.

Phytocel being showcased at the IFIA Japan (International Food Ingredients & Additives Exhibition and Conference) as part of the Unitec stand.

Unitec and KFSU are working closely with each other with product development and Unitec are eagerly waiting for the results from The Qld Department of Primary Industry trial results to utilise in the Japanese Gluten free space. It is the fastest growing segment in Baking in Japan.

Another Phytocel success as an ingredient to solve a product problem!

Unitec has recently had success with Phytocel with a customer in the Bento lunch box market. A Phytocel inclusion has shown to assist with oil and water bleed from fried foods.

Ongoing orders from Australian business

“We have recently confirmed forward orders of Phytocel for the next 2 years from a business in the health foods space in Australia. This business has huge upscale potential”. Gordon Edwards, Managing Director